Zoning Systems & Indoor Air Quality

Let Sleeping Giant Heating & Cooling Give You Total Control Over Your Home’s Comfort With A New Zoning System!

With the new zoning system from Sleeping Giant & American Standard, the utmost in control and home comfort can be yours. Ground breaking zoning systems make it simple to achieve consistent comfort in all of your rooms, year after year. After all, if your home is like most, temperatures often fluctuate from one room to the next. Whether it’s because of sunlight, room activity or many of the other factors that can affect temperature, a new zoning system can put control of your comfort right where it belongs: at your fingertips.

AccuLink™ Platinum ZV Control

Your zoning system is controlled by the most sophisticated control ever produced by American Standard. One that will integrate your life and your home comfort system like never before.

Wired Zoning Sensor With Display

As part of your zoning system, the Wired Zoning Sensor with Display acts as both a sensor and a thermostat by allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature in one specific zone. It can also share data with, and receive commands from, the Platinum ZV Control, ensuring consistent, even comfort in each zone of your home.

Wired Zoning Sensor Without Display

The Wired Zoning Sensor without Display monitors temperature within a specific zone, while only allowing temperature adjustments at the Platinum ZV Control – perfect for a child’s room. When the sensor indicates the need, heated or cooled air is directed to the necessary zone for unprecedented comfort.

How It Works:

When your system is installed by a certified Sleeping Giant Heating & Cooling technician, your home is divided into different areas or “zones,” each monitored by a sensor in constant contact with the Platinum ZV Control.

When the system detects a temperature variance in a particular zone, it can direct heated or cooled air to that specific zone using carefully controlled modulating dampers in your ductwork. As a result, you get perfectly heated and cooled air wherever it’s needed, along with the ability to adjust temperatures in different zones. So, rooms that receive more sunlight won’t have to be hotter than rooms that don’t, and every bedroom gets a warm and cozy winter.

Modulating Dampers:

Motorized modulating dampers can be installed within your new or existing ductwork to systematically redirect airflow to where it’s needed. Sleeping Giant professionals can help you achieve total comfort in your home, no mater the season.

As the sun rises and sets, our motorized modulating dampers have the ability to open in partial increments so you can fine-tune zoning areas for maximum comfort.

Improving Indoor Air Quality With Sleeping Giant

The air in your home should be as clean as possible for your family’s optimum health. Sleeping Giant Heating & Cooling will ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air coupled with the most efficient system.

AccuExchange™ Energy Recovery Ventilator

Improve your home’s indoor environment by exchanging stale indoor air with an equal amount of fresh air. AccuExchange ERV has a high Total Recovery Ratio which means it recovers both heat and moisture from the exchanged air, therefore not sacrificing efficiency or comfort from your heating and cooling system.
Air Cleaners

Perfect Fit™ Air Cleaners

Clean the air in your home your family breathes every day. The American Standard Perfect Fit Air Cleaner filters the air and traps household allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Replaceable media type filter means your family can count on healthy, clean air comfort year after year.

Whole Home Humidifiers

Having the proper indoor humidity level can improve your family’s comfort, reduce annoying static shock, and protect furniture and wood flooring from drying out. Whole-home humidifiers are designed to work with your heating system to automatically keep the right amount of moisture in the air all winter long.