Sleeping Giant can help make your home as comfortable as your favorite chair, year around.

The Leader in Comfort & Efficiency- Sleeping Giant Heating & Cooling

Sleeping Giant offers the best in American Standard products. The industry-leading Comfort Coil is just one more example of that of reliability meeting ingenuity from this comfort system line. By teaming with your air conditioner or heat pump compressor and furnace blower as part of a matched system, the all-aluminum Coil can help provide the highest level of performance and comfort.

It works by first receiving refrigerant from the air conditioner or heat pump compressor. The Comfort Coil then allows the heat in the indoor air to be “exchanged” for cooler air. Meanwhile, the blower in your furnace circulates the cool air into your home, while the heat is released to the outdoors. The result? Rust and corrosion are prevented and comfort, efficiency and dependability are improved.

Comfort Coils Are A Great, Efficient Addition To Your HVAC System

The American Standard Comfort Coil from Sleeping Giant is subjected to rigorous testing as part of a match system to guarantee your investment brings you the optimal level of performance, durability and comfort, year after year. The all-aluminums coils resist corrosion for many years, so you can be certain your investment is a sound one.

We specialize in providing efficient comfort systems for Childersburg, AL and the surrounding areas.