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Columbiana is a fantastic city who embraces the future while preserving the past. Sleeping Giant Heating and Air has been a part of that history, and we certainly want to be a part of your future. We’d love to hear from you! Our professional service and top of the line heating and air conditioning products can and will serve you well! Our offices, technicians and install teams are always ready to be of service. We are family owned and operated and we don’t charge big city prices.

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AC Repair & Replacement That Won’t Break Your Budget

An unreliable air conditioning system is an irritating problem that can have a serious impact on your home and wallet. Our AC repair experts can help with all your repair issues. From clogged and dirty air filters to frozen evaporator coils and refrigerant leaks, we carefully inspect the situation to provide the best results possible.

If your comfort system is 10-15 years old and you are noticing significant problems or a rising energy bill, it may be time to consider a new system. Replacing an old and worn out system will save you money in the long run and prevent future breakdowns and problems.

Problems With Your Heater?

Heating problems cause just as much inconvenience throughout the home. If your heater is making strange noises or you notice inconsistent heating, call for a fast heater repair service right away. Whether the issue is with the thermostat or a serious mechanical problem, our technicians can provide a comprehensive heating repair option fit for your unique needs. New heating installation is also recommended for units that are 10-15 years old and are experiencing frequent issues or inefficient operation.

Call Sleeping Giant today with any HVAC related issues. We’re here for YOU, Columbiana!