Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Fun & Productive Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days 

It’s starting to get chilly out there! While we enjoy crisp, cool air, some days it’s just a bit too cold to stay outside for a long time. On those days, it’s especially handy to have some ideas for fun and productive uses of your time indoors. Grab the kids and enjoy these ideas if you’re stuck inside on chilly winter days.

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Make Homemade Christmas Cards & Crafts

Set up a crafting table to keep your little ones entertained while the adults chat around the table. Whether you get your crafting act together in time to send them out before Santa arrives or bring out the supplies on Christmas Day and mail them by New Year’s, making your own cards is always going to be a fun activity. For those of us lacking impeccable artistic abilities, rest assured – they’re even cuter when they look homemade.

Don’t forget to make fun holiday crafts and cards for your kids’ teachers, school librarians, babysitters, or even your mailman (or lady). Homemade gifts especially instill the meaning of the holiday for little ones. 

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Bake Christmas Treats Other Than Cookies 

We all love Christmas cookies, but there are lots of other desserts out there as well (hello, figgy pudding!) Try a new dessert for a sweet afternoon baking or mixing up cakes, puddings, dessert casseroles, and brownies! Or, head over to Pinterest to find some delicious ideas!

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Craft A Festive Tablescape 

Don’t forget the dining room table when you’re decorating the house. A pretty tablescape can go a long way toward enhancing your overall decor. Even if your actual family dinner is days away, or you’re not having one at all, a beautiful table setting will make your home feel festive! Get the kids involved by having them create the place cards or even create your own table runner.

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Make Decorations Out of Old Christmas Cards 

Recycle last year’s holiday cards by turning them into decorations for 2022. Cut them into shapes for a recycled take on garland, collage some of the pretty patterns and frame them to hang on the wall or simply string them on some jute or string for festive decor.

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Play Christmas “I Spy” & Work In Some Household Chores 

When at home, taking a holiday road trip, or just driving around town, keep the kids occupied with a game of Christmas “I Spy.” Ask them to spot a certain number of colorful ornaments or to find a specific ornament on the tree. When you’re driving, ask them to spot decorated Christmas trees, wreaths on front doors, light-up reindeer, or your favorite holiday decor.

You can even make this game into productive time spent around the house and make chores fun at the same time. Have your kids look for your air registers and time them as they wipe them down with a damp cloth. Fasted time wins a cookie or the next “I Spy” challenge! You can also engage your kids to help with home maintenance by raking leaves away from your outdoor unit and showing them how to change the air filter. Teaching kids to have fun while doing necessary chores will reward you both for years to come! 

Things to Do At Home On Chilly Winter Days

Stay Comfortable

As the holiday season sets in and we have cooler winter days outside, planning some fun indoor activities for you and the kids will be a real day saver when those chilly days hit. When you’re home, be sure your HVAC system is up to the task of keeping everyone comfortable.

Having preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC system is your best bet to keeping a comfortable home this season. Sleeping Giant offers premier maintenance plans in the Childersburg area and surrounding communities. During our visit, one of our professional technicians will inspect your system, clean your system, and discuss any adjustments that need to be made to keep your system running efficiently and effectively throughout every season. View more about our maintenance plans or sign up online today at

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