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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh & Clean

We all have that friend who’s home always smells incredible as soon as you step inside. How do they do it?! It’s simpler than you might think. If you’re envious of how fresh and clean your friend’s home smells, and long to be THAT friend, follow these 5 easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh and clean at all times. 

1. Simmer Pot

A simmer pot is one of the oldest tricks in the book for keeping a great aroma flowing through your home! This stovetop potpourri is easy to create, and there are countless simmer pot recipes available online for every season. You can also get creative and create your own custom mix! Simply dice up your ingredients and cover them with water until they float. A few of our favorite combinations for summer include a lime, mint, cucumber, and ginger simmer pot, or a lemon, rosemary, and vanilla simmer pot. Put your pot on the stove and bring it to a simmer. You can allow it to simmer on low for a few hours; just remember to turn the stove off before leaving your home! If you have a small crock pot, you can create this same concoction in there!

2. Dryer Sheets

We can all appreciate the smell of freshly washed laundry, and dryer sheets encompass this smell perfectly. To spread this fresh linen scent around your home, you can distribute dryer sheets at the bottom of your trash can, on cabinet shelves, in the back of drawers, between furniture cushions, and under pillows. While you’ll have to replace the dryer sheets every so often, they’re an effective and affordable way to make your home smell fresh!

3. Carpet Cleaning

While carpet is nice and soft to walk on, it’s a major culprit for trapping unwanted odors. Dirt, pollen, dust, sweat, pet dander, smoke, and other unfavorable smells can easily settle into your carpet’s fibers, giving your whole home an unpleasant scent. In order to get rid of these odors, rent a steam carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaner. Steam cleaners penetrate deep into your carpet and wash all the unwanted scents out. Most carpet manufacturers recommend homeowners have a steam clean performed every 1-2 years.

4. Air Purification

There’s no better hack which will clean your home’s air, leaving it smelling fresher and cleaner than a whole-home air purification system. Air purifiers can be installed into your duct system to effortlessly provide fresh air throughout your entire home. Air purification systems can remove up to 99.9% of the airborne contaminants in every room of your house reached by your HVAC system. Say goodbye to musty smells, pollen, pet dander, dust, and other pollutants in your home. In order to have your very own air purification system installed, simply call Sleeping Giant to discuss your options and schedule an appointment. 

5. Fresh Air

Freshen your home’s air with, well, fresh air! Opening your doors or windows can bring in a nice breeze and push out any lingering odors. While our Alabama summers are often far too hot to leave our windows open, aim to let some fresh air in during the early morning and late evening hours. This way the air will be a bit cooler and more enjoyable. 

One Step Further

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