Is Routine Maintenance That Important on My HVAC System?

One of your home’s most integral appliances is your comfort system, or HVAC system. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. You might be asking yourself, “Is Routine Maintenance That Important on My HVAC System?”

Other than your home’s physical structure, your HVAC system is the largest investment you have in your home. Some homes may have an outdoor pool or a nice hot-tub, but other than those few items, your HVAC system is your single largest investment. If not maintained routinely and properly, it can also become your largest expense.

Think about this for a second: what “appliance” in your home is the largest consumer of energy? It’s not your refrigerator or your oven. It’s not your washer or dryer. It’s your HVAC system. If your HVAC system has to work harder than normal due to dirty filters or worn-out parts, your energy bill will be higher than it should be.

Just like routinely changing the oil in your automobile extends the life of your engine and prevents expensive repairs down the road, routine maintenance on your homes HVAC system keeps it running smoothly and helps prevent expensive repairs in the future.

By investing a small amount of the course of a year, you are insuring against not having to spend a large amount all at one time.

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