Grilling Recipes & Backyard Get Together Ideas

Grilling Recipes & Backyard Get Together Ideas

Get the summer started off right with grilling and get togethers. There’s no better time to enjoy the weather, your backyard, and your favorite company. We’ve got you covered with some recipe ideas to get you started with grilling for a group of people, and some fun activities to do with guests. 

Grilling Recipes

Whether it’s a classic recipe or something new, try out these recipes to satisfy your guests… and your taste buds!

Classic Cheeseburger

Nothing beats a good old cheeseburger. You can follow this recipe exactly for a smaller number of people, or you can alter it depending on the size of your gathering. If you’re hosting a larger group of people, you can just focus on the meat, and create a toppings bar so your guests can personalize their burger to their liking. Set up a plate with a variety of cheeses, lettuce, pickles, even guacamole! 

Grilled Romaine Caesar

While we mostly think of just cooking meats on the grill, it can also be used for lettuce to create a smoky and slightly charred tasting salad. This recipe combines all the best aspects of a caesar salad from the creamy dressing to the tasty chicken, and your guests are sure to love it!

Grilled Flatbread 

Grilled pizza is the latest craze! You can mimic the classic taste of coal-oven pizza right from your backyard, and the best part is it only takes 15 minutes to prepare. Your guests are sure to be amazed and satiated with this delicious recipe, especially if they can customize and request specific pizza toppings before it goes on the grill. 

Grilled Kebabs

Get creative and try something that might be a little outside your comfort zone with beef kofta kebabs or jerk chicken kebabs. They’re a super great party food to serve at a get-together, and are a perfect way to show off your grilling skills to friends!

Get Together Ideas

Now that you have the food covered, here are some perfect excuses for a fun backyard get-together.

Game Night

An engaging activity for you and some friends is an outdoor game night! Set up a piñata, a ping pong table, corn hull, ring toss, or whatever your favorite outdoor games are. Along with your food fresh off the grill, put out some snacks to keep the competitors energized! When it gets dark out, you can always move the party inside for charades and cards.

Pool Party

If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s the perfect reason to have people over. When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the water or a tanning session with your friends. Make some smoothies or popsicles to add to the fun and relaxation, or start a game of volleyball in the water for some fun!

Movie Night

Outdoor movies are a great way to spend a night with friends. Grab a projector, a large white sheet (or use a large blank wall if you have one), set up some lawn chairs, and you have your own personal backyard theater. Don’t forget the soda, candies, and popcorn!


Host a tailgate right in your backyard! Turn on the baseball, football, or basketball game, set up some folding chairs, turn up the outdoor speakers, and fire up burgers and hot dogs on the grill. If it’s a big game, you can even put up decorations to transform your backyard into the ultimate tailgate space.

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