The Essential List of Items You Need In Your Home This Spring

The Essential List of Items You Need In Your Home This Spring 

Spring has officially sprung, and we’re ready for it! This season, be prepared for everything by setting yourself up with the best products and supplies that you could need for the upcoming season. From cleaning utensils to decor, we’ve made a list of all the things that are absolutely essential to have in your home this spring. Check it out!

Cleaning Supplies

Of course, it’s never a bad time for some routine spring cleaning, but it’s important to have some of these items in the house no matter the season. Keep dish soap, glass cleaner, a duster, dish detergent, some festive paper towels, hand soap, and rubber gloves on hand in your kitchen and/or bathrooms. With more time outside, kids or pets can easily bring in dirt and mess up your pristine living room, so be ready! 

Spring is also a prime time for pollen from the flowers outside to get trapped indoors and settle in your home, so be sure to regularly dust and clean windows this spring. If you don’t already have a preferred floor cleaning method, refer to this article to find your perfect mop match to use on dirty floors.

Spring Decor

There’s nothing to get you in a happy and bright mood like spring decor all around your home. Here are some of our favorites!

Fresh flowers

Having fresh flowers on display in your dining room or on the coffee table can liven up any space and really make it feel like spring. Pick some wildflowers from your backyard, or purchase a small bouquet from your local grocery store for everyone in your household to enjoy.

Throw Pillows

Extra pillows are great for any time of the year, I mean who doesn’t love a throw pillow? They are not only comfortable, but great decorative additions to your couch, lounge chairs, or bed. For spring, opt for rustic pillows with classic floral patterns or other bright designs, depending on your desired location for them.

Soft Throw Blanket

On the theme of comfort, grab a lightweight spring-themed blanket next time you’re at the home goods store to add to your couch. While the weather is pretty warm out, you still want to cuddle up under something during movie night and be comfortable!

Kitchen Items

Produce Baskets

Now that it’s prime season for various fruits and vegetables, pick up some hanging bins or baskets for your produce to ripen in style. You can organize different fruits and vegetables when you plan on cooking and enjoying them, which will help reduce food waste. Everyone’s found some rotted lettuce in the fridge simply from forgetting it was there, but this will help you remember your veggies in a colorful way!

Spice Organizer

If you’re big into cooking with spices, or just have lots of them stuffed into the pantry, organizing them can help you see what you have and might even inspire you to spruce up your cooking once in a while.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, they can also reduce toxins and contaminants from your air!

Areca Palm

This low maintenance plant is perfect for a home office or for your living room. They resemble bamboo with their long, wide leaves and can grow up to 8 feet indoors. They have relatively low maintenance, and an added bonus is that it removes formaldehyde from your home! 


The Dracaena is another gorgeous house plant that’s known for its long green leaves and ability to grow well no matter what conditions it’s in. It will need minimal water unless it’s the fall growing season, and likes lots of light which makes it a perfect compliment for your window.

Air Purifier

An air purifier is a great investment for the spring. Outdoor contaminants and bacteria enter your home relentlessly in the spring and can trigger respiratory issues and allergies. The American Standard Perfect Fit Air Cleaner filters the air and traps household allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Replaceable media type filters means your family can count on healthy, clean air comfort year after year.

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