Fall Maintenance

Is your home ready for fall? No, we’re not talking about the new festive wreath on your door or your pumpkin spice candles. We’re talking about the preparations you must make as a homeowner to get your house ready for cooler and eventually freezing weather. Get your home ready for fall by following this easy 5-step fall maintenance checklist. 

1. Check for Drafts Fall maintenance

First, make sure any drafts around your home are sealed. Go around to each door and window and make sure you don’t feel any air coming through, around the perimeter. Since many homes in our area are older, it’s important to check for drafts each year. If there is air flow coming from around your door, you may need new weather stripping to fix the issue. 

Most of the time you can easily fix drafts yourself. If you’re unsure of the best solution, you can take a photo of the issue and your local home improvement store should be able to help. Choosing not to fix the issue could leave you with uncomfortable indoor temperatures and higher bills because your heating or air conditioning system would be running inefficiently. 

2. Clean or Replace Gutters Fall maintenance

Clogged gutters can lead to costly repairs when the weather starts to get colder, which is why doing something about it now is imperative. Clean your gutters of fallen leaves, limbs, and other debris. If any hangers or brackets are loose, tighten them up and make sure no water is stagnant in your gutters. Gutter guards are also a great investment for DIYers and can save you the hassle of cleaning all your gutters each year. 

You’ll also want to ensure your downspouts direct water at least 5 feet away from your home’s foundation to prevent expensive foundational problems. If you’re not sure whether your gutters are still effective in protecting your home from water damage, schedule an inspection with a licensed roofer. It may be time to replace them.

3. Cut Trees and Rake LeavesFall maintenance

Nature’s growing cycle will start to slow down in the fall, so it is a good time to trim up trees around your home. If there are any branches growing a little too close to home, cut them so they are at least three feet away from your house. This prevents extra moisture from falling onto your roof or down your siding, and it also keeps potential icicles and frozen limbs from damaging your home. Another benefit of trimming limbs: after cutting a few branches, you can have a bonfire and s’mores with the family! 

4. Check the Chimney

Before putting any wood in the fireplace or turning on gas logs, you’ll first want to check your chimney. Look through the flue to make sure there are no obstructions, such as leaves, branches, nests, or other debris. It is also beneficial to check the exterior of your chimney from the roof to make sure it is clear of nests and fallen leaves. If you’re not sure how to check or clean your chimney, you may want to hire an expert. Your chimney should be cleaned every year. 

5. Change Your Filter and Get Preventative Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to ensure HVAC system efficiency is regularly change your air filters. Depending on your system and the requirements of your family, this may need to be done every one to three months. It’s especially important to make sure you have a clean filter in place at the start of each new season. 

Lastly, you should schedule preventative fall maintenance for your HVAC system. Just like your car, your comfort system has to be checked and tuned-up regularly to ensure it runs at peak performance. Having maintenance performed on your comfort system also increases system longevity, ensures high efficiency, and prevents costly repairs. You’ll save money and hassle by becoming part of our maintenance program. This is the easiest step on your maintenance checklist because all you do is sign up, and you can leave the rest to the professionals!

Our Maintenance Plan

Sleeping Giant offers preventative maintenance plans for residents of Childersburg, AL and the surrounding areas. Our precision tune-up and professional cleaning and safety inspection provides:

  • Filter inspection
  • Inside coil inspection (clean at discounted rate if necessary)
  • Inspection of primary and secondary drains
  • Inspection of blower components-clean and/or adjust as necessary
  • Lubrication of all moving parts (where applicable)
  • Checking and tightening all loose electrical connections
  • Checking air conditioner operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge
  • Monitoring voltage and average draw on all motors and heaters
  • Monitoring air conditioning and heating cycles
  • Inspecting heat exchanger and burners-vacuum and/or adjust as necessary
  • Adjusting gas pressure as necessary
  • Watching pilot operation and adjusting as necessary
  • Monitoring flue draft for safe operation
  • Testing safety operation
  • Adjusting air flow for proper temperature rise and fall
  • Thermostat operations inspection

Signing up is easy! Just go to https://sleepinggiantair.com/maintenance-plans/ and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

“The crew came out the very next day after I called to request service for my cooling HVAC unit. They were nice, professional, and efficient in repairing my unit. The expense was very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.”

– Kimmie Dee

“Had a great experience with Sleeping Giant. The service was very friendly, professional, and fast. Technician had the needed part on hand after discovering the problem, and he fixed it within minutes. I would recommend them to anyone in need of quick, reliable, and cost effective services.”

– Alec Harper

“I’ve been doing business with Sleeping Giant for more than 21 years and they never fail to exceed my expectations. I just bought a new American Standard heat pump from them to replace my old Carrier system. The sales process made a difficult decision easier, as they were very knowledgeable and professional, answering all my questions and assisting me in making the right choice. The installation crew was equally excellent; they were on time, professional,  provided easy-to-understand information, and they cleaned up the site after they were finished. I am looking forward to enjoying my new heat pump for many years to come!”

– Pam Geiger

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