Creating The Perfect Winter Staycation

Creating The Perfect Winter Staycation 

Everyone deserves some time off from everyday life, especially in the cold winter months! Instead of dealing with the stress of an elaborate vacation, treat yourself to a relaxing staycation from the comfort of your own home. No matter how you like to keep busy, a staycation can suit all your ‘getaway’ needs! Check out these ideas for indoor activities to give you the best staycation this winter.

Movie Marathon

There’s no better way to relax and kick back at home than enjoying your favorite movies on the couch. Vacation is some of the best times to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying how much time you have, so you can enjoy your favorite movie or TV series uninterrupted! Be sure to make some popcorn and snacks to enjoy, and grab your favorite blankets and pillows for maximum relaxation. If you’re looking for a family movie or show, Netflix Kids has a ton of family-friendly movies to choose from for everyone, as well as interactive shows to enjoy together. 

Keeping Your Home Clean

Before you kick back to enjoy your favorite movies and shows, make sure your home is clean and protected from any unwanted contaminants. This time of year when you’re more susceptible to colds and winter sickness, it’s always a good idea to check your air quality, and make sure your filters are clean in your heating and cooling systems. Even when you’re enjoying time inside, feel like you’re breathing as fresh air as outside!

Game Night

Another benefit of vacationing at home is that you can be close to friends and family for social game nights and activities. Charades and trivia are a perfect way to enjoy the night at home without going to too much trouble. Put out a spread of your favorite charcuterie and snacks and enjoy a fun night from the comfort of your living room. 

Indoor Camping

Explore the great indoors this winter with an indoor camping adventure. Clear out the living room furniture to make a perfect camping experience. You can set up tents, make scavenger hunts, and decorate the home to resemble your favorite outdoor spot from the comfort of your own home. Some fun ideas for the night include making smores by the fire or stove, telling ghost stories, and having a competition for who can design the most ideal tent interior with pillows and blankets. To enhance the experience even more, grab a LED Star Lite from a local store to mimic the night stars and create a beautiful and relaxing indoor ambiance. 

Control Your Temperature

If you’re using the fireplace or stove a lot for an indoor camping experience, it can be a good idea to make sure that your home doesn’t overheat with the added warmth! Programmable thermostats and zoning systems help give you maximum control over the temperature of your home, and customize it exactly how you’d like. If you want your home to feel cooler at night to snuggle up in your tents, you can control it from everywhere in the home. 

We Have You Covered

Enjoying your time at home shouldn’t be stressful at all. Kick back knowing your home is in good hands with Sleeping Giant’s home heating and cooling systems to keep you safe and healthy this winter. No matter how you choose to enjoy your staycation, let us keep you comfortable with quality HVAC service and products! Call 256-378-6556 for any of your heating and cooling needs. winter staycation winter staycation winter staycation winter staycation winter staycation winter staycation winter staycation