Central Alabama residents are no stranger to high humidity levels. With miserably high humidity and heat outside to deal with in the summer, it’s even worse when humidity levels get too high in your home. High indoor humidity levels can damage your home, all the way down to your foundation while decreasing your comfort and increasing your energy bills. However, relieving or preventing these issues is easy when you know how to adequately control humidity in your home. controlling humidity

What Should Humidity Levels Be? 

Adequate humidity levels are between 30 and 50%. When humidity levels rise beyond 50% you might begin noticing the adverse effects. High humidity can cause mold growth and excessive condensation, leading to structural issues and wood rot over time. Humidity isn’t only damaging to your home; it can also cause you and your family to suffer from allergy flare-ups, respiratory problems, and sleep disruptions. 

While we don’t often experience humidity levels that are too low in Central Alabama, this is another issue that can cause problems for your home and your health. Removing too much moisture from the air can cause wood to dry out, making flooring buckle, and it can cause early deterioration of foundational aspects of your home. The high-efficiency comfort systems from Sleeping Giant HVAC were built to regulate humidity in your home all on their own.  

Reducing Humidity Levels In Your Home

Reducing the humidity levels in your home can be done in a few ways. Some DIY solutions can help keep humidity levels most consistent in your home, while dehumidifiers and high-efficiency comfort systems can help you control humidity without any extra effort. 

DIY Solutions controlling humidity

While these DIY solutions will not significantly lower the humidity in your home, they are good practices to follow in order to keep humidity levels stable year-round. 

Variable Speed Comfort Systems

The best way to decrease humidity while saving money and increasing comfort throughout your home is by installing a variable speed HVAC system. There are plenty of ways a variable speed system can improve your home’s comfort, but the built-in humidity controls are the most effective. Unlike standard single-stage comfort systems, a variable speed unit keeps humidity levels lower by running longer. There is also an added feature that allows you to select your desired humidity levels from your thermostat. controlling humidity

To learn more about how variable speed comfort systems work, read our blog: All About Variable Speed Systems.


If you aren’t ready to replace your entire comfort system, adding a dehumidifier to your comfort system is an excellent way to gain control over humidity levels throughout your home. A whole-home dehumidifier fits easily with your comfort system and removes moisture from the air that passes through. With controls that allow you to select the exact moisture level, a whole-home dehumidifier is an excellent choice for homes requiring precise humidity control. 

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