If you’ve noticed changes in the performance of your air conditioning system, the source could very well be your air ducts. Leaky, dirty air ducts can take a toll on your comfort, your indoor air quality, and your wallet. In Childersburg and the surrounding areas, we see this issue more often than not because of older homes that have never had their air ducts inspected. 

So, how do you know if the cause of your system’s underperformance is related to air ducts? Continue reading for 5 signs your air ducts may need to be repaired or replaced.

1. Hot or cold areas in your home.

 If your home has been evenly heated or cooled in the past, but now has areas where the temperature just isn’t right, you may be losing conditioned air somewhere in your system. Uneven cooling throughout your home leads to the system running inefficiently, leaving you uncomfortable at home.

2. A musty smell or an unusual buildup of dust in your home. 

Leaks in your ductwork could be allowing dust and debris to enter the ducts at points past your air filters. This means that dust will flow through the ducts and into your home, leaving you with musty smells and dust buildup on floors, countertops, and other flat surfaces.

3. Weak air flow from vents. 

There are several possible causes for a drop in air pressure from your vents, and air duct leakage is a common one. This can also cause uneven cooling throughout your home, but it can also cause your whole home to be at uncomfortable temperatures. 

4. Greater energy use. 

If your bills are unusually high for this time of year, your HVAC system might be working harder than it should to achieve your desired temperature. This could be because of leaks or dust buildup that cause your system to run inefficiently. Basically, you’re spending more money to be less comfortable. 

5. Loose ducts or joints, or other visible damage. 

Maybe you’re not the first owner of your home and you’re taking a look at your ducts for the first time. You may find your ducts have sections that are improperly installed or maintained. It’s possible they’re even loose or damaged. Take a look at any exposed duct work you can; you may be able to spot things like peeling duct tape, failed patches, holes, or loose connections. Call a professional immediately to prevent additional issues.

What’s Next?

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, you should contact Sleeping Giant Heating & Cooling. We can ensure your ducts are clean, leak-free, and replace or repair damaged or loose ducts. 

Our technicians will keep your system running efficiently or, if you’re looking to upgrade, help you find the right equipment for your needs and space. Call 256-378-6556 today to make an appointment. 

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