8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home This Summer

8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home This Summer

While we might not necessarily be swapping out snow gear for surfboards in Childersburg, we still have to make a transition between winter and summer, and that includes preparing our homes for the summer heat. Now’s the perfect time to get a head start on some summer maintenance tasks, so you can continue taking care of your home throughout the season. Follow these simple tasks and maintain a healthy, happy, and comfortable home this summer. 

Change Air Filters

An important first step in your home maintenance for the summer is changing the filters in your air conditioner. Dirty filters can seriously hinder the functionality of your HVAC system, decrease the cleanliness of air in your home, and lead to improper air flow. This can reduce energy efficiency and comfort in your home. Be sure to change your filters before summer begins, and monthly during the warmer months!

Air Purification

Making sure that all the air in your home is clean is important for the health of your family. Contaminated air from outdoor pollutants, gas stoves for fireplaces, pollen, allergens, and other allergens and bacteria can easily get into your home and irritate your family without an air purifier to filter them out. These contaminants can settle on surfaces as well making your regular cleaning more difficult than it has to be. Our air purification solutions eliminate 99% of allergens and contaminants from the air in your home including dirt, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and even viruses. Ask us about an air purification system for your home!

Repair & Clean Windows

During summer, more than any other time of year, dirt, salt, grime, and even algae can build up in your windows and leave them tinted or just plain dirty! This is because high humidity levels allow moisture to build up in and around your windows, entering cracks and bringing in these contaminants with it. Choose any nice day to remove your windows (or at least remove the screens), repair any cracks or gaps, and clean them thoroughly. 

Clean Humid Areas

Humid areas in your home include your bathrooms, basements, and even kitchens if you cook or boil water often. These humid rooms can be problem areas as high moisture levels accelerate and harbor fungal growth including mold and mildew. It’s important to clean these areas of your home to prevent fungal growth and ensure no moisture soaks into your walls. Too high moisture levels can damage the foundational aspects of your home. Be sure to clean these rooms often and get as much ventilation to them as possible. This might mean running exhaust fans in the bathroom while showering, keeping doors to these rooms open, running ceiling fans, or maybe even investing in a whole-home dehumidifier if necessary. 

Spruce Up the Garden

The summer is the perfect time to have flowers and greenery on display for your neighbors, family, and friends to enjoy. Having a garden is also a great way to get outside and stay active during the summer. Before the heat sets in too much, till up your garden and look into what vegetables and flowers are in season in your area this summer to have some nice homegrown plants and a good view!

Clean the Grill

Your outdoor grill is undoubtedly getting the most use around this time of year from barbecues and grill parties with family and friends. With all of the cooking your grill is doing this summer, a deep clean could help you cook faster and eliminate the smells and tastes of previous meals from seeping into current ones! Grilling also saves you money on your energy bills because your air conditioner isn’t having to work as hard to cool your home back down after using the oven or stove. Plus, grilling is also a great way to enjoy time outside with family and friends.

Check for Leaks

Keeping an eye on your water meter and water pressure in your home can help you detect a leak this summer and prevent damage to your home. You can also check appliances for water leakage and listen for dripping if you think you might have a small leak somewhere in your home. Regularly check the ceilings and floors of your home to ensure there are no wet spots, and if there are, get them fixed immediately so they don’t lead to further damage.

HVAC Maintenance

Before the heat of summer arrives, get maintenance on your HVAC system, so you can be sure your home is comfortable and your energy bills are low when the hot weather is in full force. You’ll need your air conditioning and ventilation to be in tip-top shape so you don’t have to worry about expensive repair bills, uncomfortable temperatures, and extremely high energy bills. If you live in Childersburg or the surrounding areas, schedule HVAC maintenance today with Sleeping Giant! 

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