If you’ve been watching your energy bills rise year after year, it might be time to make the upgrade to a variable speed HVAC system. Upgrading to this newer technology can dramatically reduce energy consumption and keep your home more comfortable than ever before. Keep reading for more benefits and to learn exactly how these systems work better than others. 

What is Variable Speed HVAC Technology?

Variable speed HVAC technology allows your system to run at variable speeds, meaning it will only run at 100% on the hottest day of the year. The system’s ability to run below full capacity when the cooling demand of your home is lower is why variable speed technology is so efficient. 

So, how does variable speed technology work? When a comfort system has variable speed technology, it refers to either the compressor or the fan motor. 

Variable Speed Compressor

In a variable speed system, the compressor is the center of your cooling system. Variable speed compressor technology creates the cooling capacity of your comfort system, allowing the unit to run at speeds between 30-100%. This keeps the unit from running at full capacity when cooling demands are not that high.

Variable Speed Fan Motor

Variable speed systems can also have variable speed fan motors in air handlers or gas furnaces. The fan motor in a variable speed system runs based on the amount of air your home needs to meet the cooling demands. This is better than a single-stage cooling system because, even at half speed, a variable speed system uses up to 75% less power than single-stage fans use to move the same amount of air.

What Are The Benefits of Variable Speed HVAC Systems?

Increase Efficiency

A traditional single-stage cooling system runs at 100%, then shuts off until your home warms to a certain temperature. Then, it’s triggered to turn back on at 100% to cool your home again. These systems use a significant amount of energy since they only run at 100% every time they turn on.

Variable speed HVAC systems work more efficiently by staying on and running at lower speeds to meet the cooling demands of your home within a degree of the temperature set on the thermostat. Not only do these systems maximize efficiency, but they also have a longer life because the system doesn’t run at full capacity all the time.

Reduce Noise

Keeping your home comfortable isn’t only about temperature. Your home should be a quiet place where you can relax and unwind in peace. With variable speed HVAC technology you’ll experience a quieter atmosphere throughout your home at all times. In fact, many homeowners we work with in the Childersburg and Sylacauga areas report they never hear their variable speed systems turn on! They are that quiet.  

Control Humidity

Variable speed HVAC technology keeps your home more comfortable and improves your indoor air quality by effectively controlling humidity levels. The system’s steady approach to cooling your home allows the air conditioner to remove excess moisture from the air, adequately lowering the overall humidity of your home. 

Improve Comfort

On top of those benefits, with a variable speed fan running continuously, you’ll experience better air flow and more even temperatures throughout every room. With reduced noise, increased humidity control, consistent temperatures, and lower energy usage, variable speed systems improve the comfort of your whole home. 

The variable speed HVAC systems offered by Sleeping Giant are proven to drastically reduce temperature swings, humidity issues, high energy bills, and short cycling. Our factory trained technicians have tons of experience installing these systems throughout Childersburg and the surrounding areas and would be happy to provide you with a FREE in-home quote for air conditioner replacement. If you want comfort you can count on, contact us!

What Next?

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