Tips to Guard Your Home Against Mold

Guard Your Home Against Mold

Have you ever stumbled across mold in your home? Unfortunately, in the hot, humid climate of Central Alabama, mold is extremely common and can grow virtually anywhere, especially damp areas. Although most molds are not harmful to our health, some can cause irritating allergic reactions and can damage aspects of your home. So, how do […]

Controlling Humidity in Your Childersburg Home

Controlling Humidity in Your Childersburg Home

Central Alabama residents are no stranger to high humidity levels. With miserably high humidity and heat outside to deal with in the summer, it’s even worse when humidity levels get too high in your home. High indoor humidity levels can damage your home, all the way down to your foundation while decreasing your comfort and […]

Why You Should Make The Switch to Variable Speed HVAC Technology

Variable Speed HVAC

If you’ve been watching your energy bills rise year after year, it might be time to make the upgrade to a variable speed HVAC system. Upgrading to this newer technology can dramatically reduce energy consumption and keep your home more comfortable than ever before. Keep reading for more benefits and to learn exactly how these […]

A Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Whole Home

Baby-Proofing Your Whole Home

A Guide To Baby-Proofing Your Whole Home If you have little ones on the way, Sleeping Giant knows that it is a top priority to keep them safe and comfortable in your home. That’s why we created this helpful guide to baby-proofing your whole home. Whether you are getting ready for your first child or […]